The Moroccan Association for Automotive Industry and Trade, AMICA, is organizing in partnership with Tanger Free Zone, Renault Morocco, Peugeot Citroën Automobile, Atlantic Free Zone and AIZFET

The fourth edition of the Automobile Subcontracting

fair Tangier Automotive Cityfrom 26 to 28 April 2017

“Anchoring the Automotive Industry by accelerating the development of subcontracting”

By 2020, the sector should reach a turnover of more than ten billion Euros, taking into account:

  1. The dynamics of ecosystem development created by the launch of the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-20
  2. The rise of Renault Maroc Group (345,000 vehicles assembled in 2016)
  3. From the PSA Project in Morocco integrating a Carrosserie Montage factory, a Mechanical factory and a Study Center
  4. The growing interest of several Automobile Manufacturers for sourcing Morocco (PSA – Renault – VW – Ford …)
  5. Accelerating the arrival of new equipment manufacturers since 2014 (32 ranks1, 28 ranks 2 & 3)

The subcontracting needs currently estimated at 600 million Euros are expected to reach more than 1 Billion in 2020:

  • Logistics services 140 ME
  • Training 25 ME
  • Design and realization of special machines 50 ME
  • Various tertiary services 20 ME
  • Tools (Plastic injection, stamping …) 50 ME
  • Engineering 30 ME
  • Various consumables for production 60 ME
  • Means of control 10 ME
  • Maintenance and installation of industrial facilities 45 ME
  • Calibration of control means 5 ME
  • Metal packaging, plastic and cartons 45 ME
  • Spare parts 10 ME
  • Personal protective equipment 20 ME
  • Miscellaneous 40 ME

This Fourth Edition of the Automobile Subcontracting Exhibition will take place from from April 26 to 28, 2017in Tangier Automotive City (TAC), a new zone in full development of the automotive industry sector with the arrival of nearly twenty OEMs.

Thus the purchasing and technical managers of the latter will take less than 30 minutes to join the fair in order to realize the business opportunities. This will contribute to the competitiveness of equipment manufacturers in Morocco

Key features of the fair :

  1. Location in a 6,000 m2 building at TAC in front of the RTE site, 30 minutes from Tangier Free Zone and 2 hours from Atlantic Free Zone which houses the 2 sites of PSA
  2. Following the discussions in the stands, subcontractors will be able to quickly access the factories of their potential customers RENAULT, Tangier Automotive City, TFZ and Atlantic Free Zone) and will be able to deepen their discussions as close as possible to the production facilities

The third edition of 2016 was attended by 245 exhibitors and more than 4,000 professionals from Tangiers, Kenitra and Casablanca as well as other countries (Spain – Portugal – France – Germany – Italy – Turkey)

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you among our participants. Yours sincerely.